1-Hour Fund Review & Strategy Call

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1-Hour Fund Review & Strategy Call


This package includes:

- A pre-call analysis by Chad Gracia of your standard briefing deck.

- Answers to any questions about our programs that you might have, including the history and types of firms that have received the most interest.

- Feedback on what geographies and types of LPs where I think you'll find the strongest reception.

- Suggestions for what elements of your presentation and/or materials could be stronger (from the perspective or our Middle East LPs).

- Insights on how previous GPs have successfully raised capital from the region.

The cost of this consultation will be deducted from your invoice if you decide to join any of our upcoming programs in the next five years.

"We held a 1-hour strategy/consulting call with Chad and it was well worth it. Not only did he have specific suggestions for how we could improve our marketing materials for a MENA audience, he also gave us concrete ideas into how we could more successfully market our fund to LPs in the region. He studied our materials in advance and was well prepared with both specific advice and potential LP contacts he thought would be appropriate for our fund.” - Phillip Caplan, RENOVA CAPITAL PARTNERS

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