First Delegate Discount - 2019 Trade Mission

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First Delegate Discount - 2019 Trade Mission

7,395.00 24,950.00

Every year we offer to one huge discount to a returning GP (who has taken part in our past missions). The normal price in 2019 will be $24,950, but for one GP, the cost is $6,950. We do this just to get the process started with embassies and the US Commerce Department.

Next year, we will be visiting Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Muscat and very possibly, a site visit just for us hosted by QIA and including family offices in Qatar. Here is the schedule:

Saturday, October 19th (Optional Welcome Dinner)
Sunday, October 20th - Abu Dhabi 
Monday, October 21st - Riyadh
Tuesday, October 22nd - Muscat
Wednesday, October 23rd - Doha (TBD)

Only 1 spot is available, and includes the full trip for two delegates. If you’d prefer to pay by money wire, please send here:

ABA # 021000089
Acct # 95152364
Account: The Gracia Group

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